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Outcomes You Can Expect

Become a Global Leader Doing Substantial Good

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You Will Become a Polyglot

Through the Whigham School program, you will be able to speak six languages to a level of normal conversation and for business: English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese. Less than 1% of the entire world population can speak five or more languages, so you will become one of the elite communicators.


You Will Be in the Top 1% Globally in the Following Areas

The Whigham School program will equip you to be in the Top 1% of all educated people worldwide in the following areas:

    • Languages

    • Global Awareness

    • Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

    • Self-Understanding / Mastery

    • Life Strategy and Purpose


You Will Be in the Top 5% Globally in the Following Areas

The Whigham School program will equip you to be in the Top 5% of all educated people worldwide in the following areas:

    • Critical Thinking

    • Global Leadership

    • World History / Religion

    • Ethics

    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


You Will Be Equipped to Do Substantial Good in the World

Your training with The Whigham School will put you in a global leadership position to see the world with a unique, holistic point-of-view. You will see patterns and connections that could not have been seen otherwise if you did not have your global residency experience. You will be in a strategic position to be the change you wish to see in the world. Your life will be primed to help humanity in ways that were heretofore not imagined nor acted upon. Your life will have great potential for creating a better world for all of us.


You Will Be Equipped to Live Your Best Life

Your experiences within The Whigham School program will allow you to make more informed choices for your career and the life you wish to lead. You will understand the options available to you with a clarity that is not available to others who have not attended The Whigham School. These experiences early in your life will give you opportunity to steer your career and your life with more understanding earlier rather than later. You will have a gift of perspective that every thinking adult would love to have had so early in their life.


You Will Develop More Empathy for Others

Once you have completed this program your appreciation for and ability to relate to others will be rare indeed. You will see into the lives of others with much more understanding and respect. And you can be a cultural leader in your community and among your profession of choice that will only make all of us better.


You Can Be The Change You Wish to See in the World

You will be a global leader. Your leadership will be able to impact other positively and impact communities and nations. You will be able to help others see the world more clearly and see the potential we all have to make the world a better place.


Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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