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Steve Whigham, Founder

A lifelong and avid learner himself, Steve Whigham has been passionate about the undeniable impact a good education can provide for his entire adult life. Steve’s passion for education and personal growth came to him honestly. It came from his parents. From his childhood home along the Gulf Coast, his mother, Gail, infused into Steve a deep work ethic, idealism, and enthusiasm. Steve’s mom taught him to regard life as a sacred trust that needed to be invested in actions that were purposeful. His father, Don, a talented surgeon, taught Steve about the need to see people as inherently valuable and worth taking care of and serving, no matter their ability to care for you or serve you back. And it was out of his respect for his parents that Steve named the school after them.

Steve Whigham has studied in a variety of college and university settings and has served as a professor, adjunct professor, and guest lecturer in various universities and colleges on three continents over the past twenty-five years. Steve has served as a business executive and entrepreneur over the same time span and has conducted business all over the globe.

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