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Intelligent. Compassionate. Doing Substantial Good.

Dr. “Don” Whigham spent his entire adult life reaching out to serve others, both as a surgeon and as a family and community leader.

Dr. Whigham took care of people.

He saw divine fingerprints upon everyone he met—regardless of station in life—and appreciated their immeasurable worth in this life and in the one to come. He embodied the meek, yet principled & strong, servant leader—the kind history applauds. His disarming humor, inexhaustible work ethic and full-hearted generosity crowned his good nature with a sublime dignity.

The Whigham School is a natural outgrowth of Dr. Whigham’s life. His legacy is one we would be wise to celebrate or, better, emulate. To value the lives of others, to craft practical ways of making each others’ lives better, and to find the means of bringing people together into a community anchored by mutual respect, peace and love is the flourishing life Dr. Don Whigham championed.

I am honored to be his son. And I wish to spread my Dad’s spirit and vision to a wider world. Why? Because I know this world would be a better place by doing so.

—Steve Whigham, Founder & CEO

The Whigham School

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