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Why Language Learning
is So Important

Global Culture & Language Mastery is
the New High-Impact Skillset

How do you begin your career with a leg-up on all others?

With a deep understanding of global concerns and languages. That’s why The Whigham School exists. We know how important global leadership is going to be for the next half-decade. Those with the rudimentary skills that comprise international leadership will have more opportunities to do meaningful work and establish careers that contribute substantially to the common good. That’s why The Whigham School is such an important pathway for people who want to live a more meaningful and flourishing life.

Personal Benefits


  • Near Term Enhancement/Improvement:

    • Language Processing

    • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)/Empathy
      (Deep human understanding)

    • Cognitive Function

      • Problem Solving

      • Decision

    • Lateral/Creative Thinking

    • Memory Function

  • Long Term Protection

    • Cognitive Function

    • Memory Function


Career Benefits


  • Near-Term Gains

    • Differentiation from other job candidates

    • Wider experience pool to use in choosing a career

    • Deeper self-knowledge, confidence, and discipline

    • Stronger Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    • More creativity & problem solving abilities

    • Stronger, more principled value system

  • Long-Term Advantages

    • Elite career path

    • More interesting/engaging work

    • More opportunities for doing substantial good

    • Leadership skills

    • Higher social standing

    • More purpose-driven life (beyond materialism)


Become Member of the Top 1%… Become a Polyglot

Knowing multiple languages is impressive. And, in business and government, it’s lucrative. Personally, it’s gratifying and so helpful. The Whigham School will place you in the realm of being a polyglot. You will be able to speak independently in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Hindi—the six most spoken languages on the planet. Your career options just get a whole lot more interesting with a Master of Arts in Global Leadership from The Whigham School.

Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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