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Program Quality

Striving for Excellence Across the Board

Safe & Comfortable Travel and Residencies

Our highest priority will be to make sure all aspects of your experience with The Whigham School is as safe and comfortable as possible. Global travel is not without its risks. But we will do our best to mitigate risky travel and living experiences. We will be conducting most of our base residencies in parts of the world that offer living amenities that are not too different from what we experience in the United States, but there will be some differences that will be new and unique to any of our students whose international travel experiences have been limited.


A New, More Effective Approach to Language Training

The Whigham School will offer each student some of the best methodologies to learn multiple languages based on the techniques of language learning honed by polyglots (5+ languages) and hyperpolyglots (11+ languages). Your language learning will be of exceptional quality and enjoyment.


Taught by the Best

The Whigham School will engage you with renowned experts in the field of study they will be teaching. Many will be college professors in the region of the world we will be in. A few will be brought in from the United States. All in all, your professors and SMEs will be teaching you at a 500-800 level post-graduate training for all disciplines taught.


Technology Driven

The Whigham School will be providing communications, learning systems, travel documents, and record-keeping using modern technologies that can be accessed and managed via smart phones, tablets, or computers. Your ability to communicate with the school, your cohort members, and your family and friends back home will all be technology based and easy to manage.


Expertly Monitored and Measured

As part of its charter, The Whigham School will be having its entire program overseen, monitored, measured, and reported upon by both a regionally accredited academic institution and an independent third party. Their oversight will be based on expected program outcomes and individual student progress.


Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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