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Multilingual Accelerated

Speak to 49% of the world
in a language they understand

Learn to Speak the Six Most-Spoken Languages in the World

You already know English. After you complete your two-year program at The Whigham School, you will be able to comfortably speak five more: French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Hindi. With these added languages you will be able to speak to nearly 50% of the entire world’s population in a language they can speak, too.

Less than 1% of the World Can Speak Six or More Languages
Over half of the world’s population speaks at least two languages. In the United States, less than 20% do. Within these bilingual and multilingual populations, less than 1% worldwide speak as many as five languages, let alone six. The Whigham School will put you in a rare group of polyglots that will distinguish you from everyone else.


Learning Five Languages to “Independence”

Using the Common European Framework of References on Languages (CEFR), your level of language mastery in your new five languages will be to the level of “Independence” (B1-B2) allowing you to communicate casually with fluent speakers, read non-technical writing (like newspapers, magazines, novels, and non-fiction) and conduct business and make presentations in those languages. Also, if you fall in love with one of these five new languages, your training at The Whigham School will set you up well for a continuation towards fluency.


250 Hours of Language Learning + Immersion Experiences

With each of the five languages (French, Spanish, Arabis, Mandarin, and Hindi), you will spend a minimum of 250 hours of direct language learning. But above that, you will be learning these languages in countries where that language is native, giving you even better opportunities to learn and retain language skills.


The Whigham School’s Multilingual Accelerated Learning Approach

Learning from language experts, polyglots, and hyper polyglots, The Whigham School has refined a language learning approach that speeds up learning while improving memory. Your language skills will do amazing things for your linguistic skills and brain function for the rest of your life. The key features of the program are:

  • Immersive Learning—where you learn the language in an environment surrounded by the language without the ability to retreat to other known languages.
  • Pulsed Learning—The Whigham School uses short, intense language learning sessions broken up in several pulsed sessions in a given day. Language scientists have learned that it is easier to assimilate a new language this way.
  • Culturally Fused Learning—where you learn the language while also learning the culture of those who speak the language fluently. This gives context to the language and create a more durable memory for languages over time.
  • Stacked Learning—where you learn several languages in parallel, not individually. The Whigham School gives you the opportunity to “stack learn” the five languages. This technique creates plastic and flexible language processing within the human brain that creates stronger language recall and usage.
  • Contextual Learning—where you learn the language involving things you already know and have strong emotional connections to. This technique has been used for hundreds of years by language learners. It improves your understanding of language structure, grammar, and discreet language anomalies much more quickly.
  • Serial Recall—where we teach you to activate a Serial Repetition System (SRS) that helps you lock in new language vocabulary recall over extended periods of time. This system will cement new languages into long-term memory.
  • Gamified Learning—where you learn languages using gamification techniques (contests, prizes, puzzles, etc.) to aid in learning. Gamification makes language learning fun. And when the process is fun, the engagement with the language intensifies.


Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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