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What Is
The Whigham School
Experience Like?

Two Years. Six Continents. 50+ Countries.

The Whigham School is a two year global residency program. That means you will live abroad for those two years (with seven to eight weeks per year to come back home). During that time, you will live on six continents learning the languages, the culture, the history, the social structure, the politics, and the religious traditions of each. During these two years, you will also visit more than fifty countries.


Learning to Speak Five New Languages

In addition to speaking English, you will also learn to speak French, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, and Masric Arabic. You will reach a B-1 or B-2 level of language skills on the CEFR scale, meaning you will be able to hold conversations with native speakers in six languages and give professional and/or business presentations in those languages.

You will be able to speak the six most spoken languages in the world. It is estimated that you will be able to speak to 49%+ of the world’s population in a language you both understand and speak.


A Typical Week Abroad

In a given week, you will spend four days at the residency location, learning a language and meeting with an expert faculty member focused on either world history, sociology, politics, culture, or comparative religions who is focused on the region of the world you are in. The remaining three days, you will travel to another key destination in that region of the world. You will spend fourteen weeks at each of the six residencies:

  • France
  • Uruguay / Costa Rica

  • India

  • China / Australia

  • Egypt / Kenya

  • US / Canada


Studying in a Cohort of up to 24:

You will travel in an authentic learning community (your cohort) of other students throughout your program. You will also have a team of hosts with you as you travel who take care of the logistics of your program. Every week you will also have a renowned expert in a field of study you will be focused on: professors / subject matter experts (SMEs). Some of these experts will be from the United States and many will be within the countries in which you are studying. During your program you will make long-lasting friendships with like-minded students and professors.


All Travel, Food, Housing, and Weekly Stipend is Included

All expenses and logistics (travel bookings, visas, etc.) of your travel and residencies will be handled by The Whigham School. All travel schedules and details will be managed through your smart phone and can be shared with friends and family members in the United States as you wish.


Two Return Trips Every Year to Your Home

During your program, you will be given the opportunity to take several trips back to the United States. These trips will give you a break from your studies and travel schedule.


Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
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