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Mission. Vision. Values.


To raise up a new generation of global leaders to do substantial good in the world.



To fundamentally change how this next generation—and all others who are influenced by them—sees itself, sees the world as a whole, and becomes active in doing substantial good in the world. 





Humility. Knowing the worth of everyone and knowing that everyone everywhere, regardless of station in life or standing in society, is worthy of our respect, care, and consideration.

Mastery. To strive to do what is best with every required task. To not settle. To seek the better path and invest the extra energy to be successful.

Curiosity. To seek to understand others through knowledge, and knowledge is best gained by an open-minded and an open-hearted engagement with others by actively listening and spending time with them.

Honor. To live a life with clear, informed eyes; to act in ways that builds trust and respect; and to engage honestly and with good intention in everything we do.

Joy. To build a life that is flourishing with joy and hope. We sadly recognize that joyful lives are not the reality for most. Therefore, we will share our joy and nourish hope for all.



Empathy. To enter into the lives and sufferings of others, to seek to understand them better, and to find practical, substantial ways to make their lives better.

Inspiring. To be active in solving others’ and the world’s problems and be able to lead others to participate and/or do the same.

Auspicious. To see the future as moldable through action: something we can impact and make a difference.

Global Family. To embrace all humans—no matter how different they may be to us—as part of our extended family. We work to view them as our brothers and sisters, to love them, and to strive to connect with them on a deep, personal level. 

Peace. To believe more peacemakers are needed in this world. We seek love, peace and understanding for all. We strive to eradicate strife, hatred, distrust, and condescension as the global diseases they are by employing skilled means to achieve peaceful ends to conflicts between others.

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