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What does it cost?

For Living Two Years Abroad...


You raise $40,000, The Whigham School matches it 4:1. You will receive a scholarship of an additional $160,000 to pay for the remaining expenses of the 2-year program: all travel, all meals, all housing, all visas, all permits, all materials, health insurance, and weekly stipends for incidentals.

$40,000 = $20,000 max from family + $20,000+ from investors

You and your immediate family can contribute up to 50%, or $20,000 of your costs. The rest must be raised from investors: people who are not in your immediate family that are willing to become “investors” in your education. Your investors, which needs to be three or more, will also serve as accountability partners with you. Every month, your investors will receive an “Investor’s Report” on your progress.

The Whigham School Provides a Complete Investor Recruiting Package

Don’t worry, we will help you put together a fundraising package for you. We will train you on how to fundraise successfully through online resources. We will equip you with fundraising tools to help you make presentations to investors. And, we will make it easy to accept their donations through an online account with The Whigham School.


Debt Free

The Whigham School does not offer loans for this program, nor will it accept loans in payment. We want all our students to be debt-free. That’s why The Whigham School offers 80% of all funding in the form of tuition scholarships.

 Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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