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The Whigham School and
Your College/University

How does it work if I am attending another college?
Or been accepted but haven't started yet?

If You Have Been Accepted into a Undergraduate College Program,
But Not Yet Started

Officials at The Whigham School will work with you and talk with your college or university about how they can integrate your studies with The Whigham School into whatever degree you are pursuing. Simply let us know on your application the school you have already received an acceptance into their program. We will do the rest.

If You Have Not Been Accepted into an Undergraduate College Program Yet

Officials at The Whigham School can help you develop a higher education plan that can take advantage of both The Whigham School studies and the professional degree studies you want to pursue in a degree program at another institution. Simply state your status on your application and that will trigger us to have that discussion with you.


If You Have Already Received a Bachelor’s Degree

The Whigham School is still a live option for you for preparing for your best life. The counselors at The Whigham School can talk you through how our program can prepare you for your life goals even if you are already graduated—and even if you are already gainfully employed post college.

If You Have Not Graduated from High School Yet

The Whigham School requires that you have a high school diploma or equivalent. Even so, you can begin your application process while you are still in high school. The Whigham School will accept you into the program contingent on your high school diploma being awarded and that you turn 18 before you begin your program.

Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly

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