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Preparing for "Your Best Life"

The Whigham School is in the business of raising up a new generation of global leaders to do substantial good in the world. How? By experiencing the world first-hand and all it has to offer.


Study abroad.

Study abroad and see the world by going to six continents and over fifty countries. Speak their languages. Experience their culture. Taste their cuisine. See the sights. Learn their history. Understand their society, their politics, their religions. Immerse yourself deeply into the communities of the world.


Study Abroad Like You Mean It

The Whigham School is not your ordinary study abroad program. Not only will you see the world, you will learn the world. You will engage with other cultures, nationalities, and people groups deeply. You come back to the United States with a grander lens to view your life and your home.


Be Part of the 1%

The Whigham School will prepare you to be one of the top leaders in cultural experiences and global understanding. Your knowledge of the world and others will not be from books, but from lived experiences. You will engage with the history, the languages, the religion, and the cultures that most college students only read about. You will walk the streets where history has been made. You will talk with the people whose cultures have been shaped by forces unlike your own. And you will understand on a level that most never will.


Do Substantial Good

No matter your chosen profession (whether you go into business, education, law, medicine, engineering, architecture, or the arts), your two year experience with The Whigham School will allow you to view your profession as more than a ticket to a good salary. You can see that you can make an attractive life for yourself while also doing substantial good in the world. Your two years in global residency with The Whigham School will give you insights and ideas in how to leverage your professional passions into a life that transcends the ordinary. You will be equipped to life a life of extraordinary purpose and vision.


Improve Your Career Choices

The Whigham School will affect your career by…

  • Near-Term Gains

    • Differentiation from other job candidates

    • Wider experience pool to use in choosing a career

    • Deeper self-knowledge, confidence, and discipline

    • Stronger Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

    • More creativity & problem solving abilities

    • Stronger, more principled value system

  • Long-Term Advantages

    • Elite career path

    • More interesting/engaging work

    • More opportunities for doing substantial good

    • Leadership skills

    • Higher social standing

    • More purpose-driven life (beyond materialism)


Questions? Email us your questions and we will respond quickly.

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